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Personal thoughts on developing a healthy practice

Affiliate products

Product solutions for your patients and clients without holding stock and posting or packaging.

patient Funnels

An easy process to help visitors become clients and patients in a structured and methodical process. 

Clinic practice

Work and run a multidisciplinary clinic to help you stay moving, stay fit the right way…

my idea’s

Apply the principles of practise to marketing, to understand the What, Why and How of clinical marketing in an everyday clinic. No fiction just real application of marketing.  

Currently undertaking one of the best challenges for my business, the One Funnel Away Challenge, a 30 day led training program to create your first or next sales funnel… well worth the small investment.

If you fancy joining me simply follow the link and take the next step.

Affiliate marketing


How many products, services and therapeutic supports do you recommend? Like good coffee there are lots and sometimes you need to try them…

Ask yourself, Do you hold stock stock, send patients else where to a shop, maybe a website or simply feel you don’t like to push things into people, just in case you think they are being sold to!

Solutions are solutions and wether you stock or recommend them does not matter, if they are useful and help treatment , recovery or rehabilitation they are purchased.


Sales funnels for therapists

A funnel is the process a visitor online or passerby follows to become a patient, client or customer, if you have a business and sell a service, product or even training you have a funnel, you might not realise this or structure it,  but there is a process. Most online marketing is via your website, as email marketing, PPC and SEO.

Put your self in this position, from an  Ad or wanting to find a new 3 piece suite what steps do you take to arrive with your new outfit, a big smile and feeling good!  this is a sales funnel, a simple straight forward process, however there is an enormous question… How well do you know your own clinic patient funnel.

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Affiliate Products

Action is key with affiliate marketing

Action is key with affiliate marketing

  Action is key, many affiliate marketeers underestimate the action necessary to create a residual income with affiliate products. Therapists often don't take action even though they would like to promote products to their patients and clients, but they feel...

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Motivation Gets You Going

Motivation Gets You Going

Motivation and habits are what truly bring results for you and the effort you put in. To get the most out of your online marketing, you need to automate and create funnels that work, to bring in clients, patients and to make the most out of affiliate products. Here's...

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Email Marketing for Therapists

Email Marketing for Therapists

Email marketing is by far your best action action to take with your best resource... your database, your list of patients who know and trust you. Email is a fantastic way to stay connected and you patients informed, the best way to keep a good relationship.. If you...

“The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling…”

“The key to success is action …”

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