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-Gait Analysis

-Custom Orthotics

Combining Clinical Experience With Evidence Based Research To Better Health Through Movement And Breathing…

Advanced Assessment and Analysis Bolton

Advanced Bio-Mechanical Analysis


Dynamic Gait Analysis With Custom Orthotics 

A plan to help you stay fit, active and loving the things you love to do,

to maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Initial Consultation: Osteopathy/Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation £87

First visit for a consultation with advanced practitioner Francis Connor specilaising in complex spinal injury rehabilitation and sports injury treatment.

30 minutes injury assessment followed with a report of finding.

This is the option for first visit or new injury assessment.





Treatment: osteopathy/Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation £87.00

A 30 minute treatment consultation.

This option is for a treatment following an assessment or re-assessment of an injury.





Gait Analysis £87

A dynamic Gait Analysis to examine precisely how your feet contact the floor identifying any deviations or issues in walking or running, a pre-requisite for the prescription of custom made orthotics for injury recover, rehabilitation and performance.

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Posture & Spinal Assessment £87

A full body movement assessment of 40 minutes to examine how the whole body works, adapts and compensates for injuries or exercise.

Posture is more than standing upright, in fact there is an optimum posture for maximising how we function and perform whilst minimising the stress on the body. Posture is a major influence on health problems effecting how we sit, stand, walk and carry out everyday tasks.
Custom Orthotics - 3D printed orthotics £279

Phits 3D Custom Orthotics are foot supports used to balance foot movement, improve function and stability, most commonly used to relieve foot or ankle pain, and other lower body conditions.

Our Custom Orthotics are based on data from a Gait Analysis which provides the data for the only true 3D printed Custom Orthotics made precisely to you….

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Available in Bolton, Whitefield and Bury, please contact if you live outside these areas.

Home Visits

Clinic Appointment


Experienced Osteopath with special interests in spinal rehabilitation & Sports injury Treatment 


Experienced HPC & Chartered Physiotherapist in Bolton, with a structural approach to treatment particularly back pain, sports injuries, postural imbalance, work related and road traffic injuries..

Gait Analysis

Improve performance and reduced the risk of lower limb injuries. A detailed accurate analysis of how your feet interact with the floor, if required allow 3D production of comfortable and durable custom orthotics.

Postural Assessment & Spinal Health Check 

Spinal Health is not simply how we sit and stand, but a dynamic functional motion as we perform different actions through sport and everyday activities. 

Read our blog a common sense approach to health and wellbeing, backed up with science and research.

Posture and Back Pain

Posture and Back Pain

Posture, its not what you do its the way that you do it! Today I'd like to discuss posture and back pain, in fact you've probably heard me or one of the other therapists discuss posture in detail, there are very few people/patients I don't discuss it with. Posture...



  Procrastination is a challenge we have all faced at one point or another. For as long as humans have been around, we have been struggling with delaying, avoiding, and procrastinating on issues that matter to us. As previously mentioned Action = Results, for...

Back Pain Myths

Back Pain Myths

The Mythology Of Back Pain There is so much information about back pain its difficult to know what's real. It's estimated 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain in their lifetime, and back pain I imagine is prehistoric it's been around a while.....

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should exercise hurt?

No exercise should not be painful, pain is the bodies signal that something is wrong and needs addressing, but don’t get this mixed up with feeling the exercise as you must the body or recover the next day, to grow you need to challenge the body and load it with movements that challenge the tissue, from here positive adaptations occur.

is dieting bad for me?

Chopping,changing and following the latest regime and fads can have a negative effect on your health, you need to understand the importance of food, not just to lose weight but to help you enjoy meal times as well as create a great health.

are supplements safe?

There is a large difference is quality with supplements, many are filled with fillers and poorly absorbed vitamins and minerals, taken in the right amount and dose supplements are safe and can really help as part of a program for a better health.

Can I exercise when inured?

yes, some hurt may be felt as exercise can help the regeneration of new tissue and remodelling as the body recover, hjowver if you stat feeling hurt greater than 4/5 out of 10, with 10 being pain you need to reduce and reassess.

Can I exercise when pregant?

Yes you can safely exercise when pregnant, its best to work with an experience coach or have advice on hand from someone in the know so too speak.

How much Weight loss is healthy?

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