Its not just about coffee..

Francis connor

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn…

Coffee Bean


Practice, manage and work multi-disciplinary clinic.

Coffee Bean

MSc Student

Studying MSc Rehabilitation working to research into treatment methods.

Coffee Bean

coffee drinker

My best ideas come when relaxing in a cafe drinking coffee.

francis connor

“Do it now, sometime later becomes never”.

With over twenty 20 years within the healthcare industry, life initially started in the sales and support of technology, I still love technology but my sales and support is all about helping patients get out of pain.

Sales and marketing a clinic can be difficult, no one wants to compete on price and discount, we are a profession. That said we do need to get out there and tell people who we are and how we can provide solutions to there problems.

We need to get our name and our business known,  to bring in new patients and clients in to assess, treat and rehab accordingly…

We need to demonstrate we provide the right solution by offering value, benefits and solutions to our patient and client needs.

Most importantly we need a method of doing so that works with our ethics and skill set.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a few..

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