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Advanced Bio-Mechanical Assessment

No More Wasting Time on ineffective treatments and piece mealing solutions, Combining Clinical Experience With Evidence Based Research To Better Health Through Movement.  

Advanced Assessment and Analysis Bolton

Advanced Bio-Mechanical Analysis 

A plan to help you stay fit, active and loving the things you love to do,

to maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

What’s Included…

– Full Body Assessment

– Injury Assessment

– A Dynamic Gait Analysis

– Discussion Of Finding

– Treatment Recommendations 

Full Body Functional Assessment


A comprehensive assessment of how you move examining strength, balance and coordination, a process to identify adaptive muscle and joint function which can lead to compensation patterns, injury and performance loss in sports.

This also includes a Posture and spinal  assessment, an optimum posture maximises how we use our body to perform not just sporting actions but everyday activities minimising the stress on the body, a major influence on our health.

Injury Assessment

Most of us are carrying a niggle of some sort, whether its backpain, a condition estimated to effect 80% of the population at some point, or maybe an ankle or shoulder injury.

We will include an assessment and give a diagnosis and provide you with a plan to treat and rehabilitate the injury.


Dynamic Gait Analysis


A Gait Analysis assesses the way you walk/run, our Footscan unit is a 8000 pressure sensor unit that provides precise data on your movement.

Using the latest innovative technology, the pressure plate analysis can identify abnormal foot pressures and movements during the gait cycle that are not visible to the eye, helping to diagnose lower limb conditions.

From a Gait Analysis we may recommend custom orthotics, these can be ordered and fitted as required by ourselves.

Custom Orthotics are foot supports use to balance foot movement, improve function and stability, most commonly used to relieve foot or ankle pain, and other lower body conditions.  Although over-the-counter orthotics may be used to alleviate acute discomfort, the reality is they are more guess work and, improperly prescribed they can lead to pain and discomfort, and even cause serious injury!..

Our Custom Orthotics are based on data from a Gait Analysis which provides the data for the only true 3D printed Custom Orthotics….

Report Of Findings

During the whole process we will discuss the examination and what each test and exercise tells us with a summary of findings. 

The findings help construct a treatment plan to maximise recovery and injury rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation recommendations

Plan of Action

Along with our report of findings we will provide a plan based on the information gathered combined with extensive clinical knowledge to get you back to loving the sports and activities you enjoy.

This may include treatment modules, exercise rehabilitation and custom orthotics 


Experienced Osteopath with special interests in spinal rehabilitation & Sports injury Treatment 


Experienced HPC & Chartered Physiotherapist in Bolton, with a structural approach to treatment particularly back pain, sports injuries, postural imbalance, work related and road traffic injuries..

Gait Analysis

Improve performance and reduced the risk of lower limb injuries. A detailed accurate analysis of how your feet interact with the floor, if required allow 3D production of comfortable and durable custom orthotics.