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Why therapists should consider these as an income.

As a therapist myself I have over the years treated many people for many reasons, part of my consultation and treatment is exercise routines and any home help that works towards the patients health gains, ie I occasional recommend foam rollers, or massage stick, pillows or even MRi’s. 

The point is “value” it needs to contribute in a beneficial way, affiliate marketing is the same, if you think it is all about sales, money and marketing then you are simply wrong. 

Have you ever clicked on an advert on the internet, or read an article and followed it to a purchase, or followed a Facebook feed story? Many of these are affiliate buys, affiliates who find products they like and have an interest in and sell them. 

When you purchase a foam roller from a site on the internet,  was there a concern about the supplier or affiliate, you purchase the right roller, at the right price supplied in the right time. 

Why hold stock? Create an affiliate relationship and promote the right products for the right reason, its part of your treatment. Or send them some where else and let them take the profit.

Working with companies who encourage affiliate allows a structured process, to give the right solutions to your patients whilst helping you maintain a profitable clinic or therapy service.

There are affiliate plans and affiliates who make a good living just from it, most tend to offer a products that they use and are useful.

Some products can give you a trickle others a very reasonable income, its entirely up to you and your interests.

Have a look at some of the affiliate links for products that may be of use to you and your clinic.

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