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The Back Pain Rehabilitation is online with downloadable guides.  It can be done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace using minimal equipment that you have in your house.

This plan is based on you whole body with insights into who body integration, back pain is common very common and it happens for a reason, this plan will help you understand your spine as a whole and give you resources to manage and improve. 

What you need to know about pain:

  1. The original cause of the pain might not be in the back…Pain highlights what tissue is injured such as disc, nerve, ligament, muscle but it stops there! why is the tissue such as a spinal disc compromised?, what is stressing the muscle? An MRi can help identify the injured disc but thats where the information stops. You need to understand not just what is causing you pain but why, armed with this information you can make changes to manage your back pain and implement a plan to prevent reoccurrence.  
  2. GP’s and medication.  medication can help you mange your pain, no one wants to be in pain, however as part of a management plan to recovery they can be useful, however as a dependance to resolve your issue they very rarely work.
  3. Back Pain Rehabilitation requires more than just focusing on the area that hurts.  Outside of specific injury incidents its rare for a singular muscle to joint to be injures, there is no such thing as fixing your psoas to resolve your back pain, or simply strengthen you core. Muscle are connected to joints in a kinetic chain, your core is connected to the pelvis, thoracic spine and shoulders, so integrating a whole body approach makes sense when treating back pain.

Watch my Back Pain Rehabilitation video where I discuss what you can do and how my approach works 

4 Steps

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The Back Pain Rehabilitation  is a 4 step Protocol designed banish back pain for good.
Step 1 Evaluation. Is a thorough evaluation of your whole body to discover what other areas in your body could be contributing to your back pain.
Step 2 Mobilise.  Takes you through specific exercises to mobilise your back to help take pressure from the injured areas. 
Step 3 Rehabilitate. Combines new movement not just the injured area but the whole body to address imbalances in the body.
Step 4 Strength & Flexibility  Add functional strength and flexibility  movements to your lifestyle so you can get back to enjoying your live again.

an insight into backpain rehabilitation 

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Client Testimonials

As an academic with poor posture,  I’ve learned a lot of things,  such as know a good osteopath!

Dr John Rowe

Academic and Copy Writer

In training/coaching you can just overdo it and pick up an injury. I recommend the clinic to my students and friends.

James Doherty

Judo Coach

My job can be quite sedentary and I need to keep fit. On many occasions I have hobbled in and walked out, thanks!

Alexandra Whitehead

Veterinary Assistant

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