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Combining Clinical Experience With Evidence Based Research To Better Health Through Movement And Breathing…

Mobile & Home Rehabilitation Visits

Health is more than simply exercise, its more than just training for maximum strength and speed, it’s a multifaceted and complex relationship. It involves sleep, nutrition, recovery, biomechanical efficiency and excellent technique.  

Our Rehabilitation approach which combines Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and years of coaching that looks at the interplay between these factors.

Rehabilitation Mobile Home or work place visits may include spinal joint and soft tissue mobilisations, manipulation and massage techniques.

A specific exercise programme may be devised if required to suit each individual to enable a full recovery and a return to full fitness. Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis may be required as part of the assessment process.

Our mobile physiotherapy assessments and treatments is conducted by advanced practitioner Francis Connor HPC & Chartered physiotherapist, Registered Osteopath with a MSc Sports Rehabilitation.

If we feel that a GP or a Specialist referral and further investigations (e.g. X-ray or MRI scan) are required, the most appropriate method of referral will be discussed and put into action.


Acute injuries are often the result of impact or excessive motion during play.  Depending on the tissue damage, left alone your body will heal, however this is reliant on the enviroment for the healing process, the regeneration and remodelling process. 

It is these major influences we look to optimise for maximum recovery, not just to optimise the tissue recovery, but to maximise the body as a whole.

Let’s consider an ankle ligament a common injury presented quite frequently, particualy runners. A approach for recovery is often a list of exercises to regain and develop strength, however our approach looks not only at the tissue damaged, utilising strength, flexibility and mobility exercises where appropriate but also the assessment and rehabilitation of the biomechanical involvement of the knees, hips, and spine etc which have a major influence on rehabilitation and performance, we also look at the recovery period, nutrition, breathing efficiency to enhance best possible response.  


Many athletes live with niggles and knocks simply training through them only stopping when something gives way, or they cannot play further. Chronic injuries are the type of injury that retires many athletes from the sport they love, chronic injuries simply complicate and decrease performance and day to day function. The more you train on niggles the more the body adapts and compensates for the worse.

Training with injuries creates uneven wear whilst slowing/stopping the repair process, to combat this type of injury requires a multifaceted approach that not only creates optimum recovery and rehabilitation, but specific actions to address often long-standing compensation patterns. Our rehabilitation looks at joint mobilisation, muscular imbalance correction, improved technique, reduced over training, better nutrition and improved sleep.

Golf Injury Treatment Bolton
Rehabilitation  is a 4 step Protocol designed banish back pain for good.

Step 1 Evaluation. Is a thorough evaluation of your whole body to discover what other areas in your body could be contributing to your back pain.

Step 2 Mobilise.  Takes you through specific exercises to mobilise your back to help take pressure from the injured areas.
Step 3 Rehabilitate. Combines new movement not just the injured area but the whole body to address imbalances in the body.
Step 4 Strength & Flexibility  Add functional strength and flexibility  movements to your lifestyle so you can get back to enjoying your live again.

Posture & Spinal  Assessment 

Spinal Health is not simply how we sit and stand, but a dynamic functional motion as we perform different actions through sport and everyday activities.